What do we do?

Who are 'Music For Kenya'? - Meet The Team

Our vision is to provide access to the joys of learning music for the Kenyan people. We aim to inspire and share a love of music by providing life enhancing access to people who would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience live music.

Music has many benefits for children: it increases brain power, memory, social development (working with others towards a common goal), builds confidence, teaches patience and fosters creativity. With 43% of the population of Kenya under the age of 15, it is essential to nurture and inspire the children of this country in order to drive their ambition and encourage them to reach their full potential. Above all music has the power to enhance the lives of children who have been born into extreme poverty and who will not have another opportunity to express and enjoy themselves in this way.

The musicians involved with 'Music For Kenya' are a wonderfully diverse and adaptable team. They are trained to think on their feet which means they are able to assess any given situation quickly and accurately, enabling them to deliver unique sessions tailored specifically to each audience. This is essential to the work we do as each person in our audiences is so individual in the way they interact and react to the music and activities in our sessions. From experience we know the power that live music can have, it breaks communication barriers in ways that no language or person can.
We therefore believe that is a human right to have access to this instinctive form of joy and are determined to make this a reality for kids in Kenya.

A patient at the Children's Hospital in Eldoret tries out a brand new harmonica, one of many instruments donated generously by Janet.