A Small Donation Will Make a Big Difference

A small donation can go a long way in Kenya and make a big impact on the lives of many children. We keep all costs for our projects as low as possible, but we need to raise funds in order to train our musicians to deliver music sessions while in Kenya, to provide good quality instruments for the children to enjoy during and after the sessions, and to transport our musicians and equipment to and from Kenya.

£10 will provide a child with a percussion instrument

£20 will provide a child with a Ukelele

£40 will provide a child with a guitar

£50 will train a musician to deliver specialised music sessions while in Kenya

£100 will provide a string instrument for a Kenyan child

£200 will pay for accommodation for our musicians while in Kenya

£500 will pay for flights and internal transport for a musician while in Kenya

We can also gratefully accept any donations of instruments, accessories or music teaching materials that you can spare.

Anna teaches a student from Mindililwo Special Needs School how to play the violin