Future Projects

In January 2017, a fantastic team of musicians spent 2 weeks in Kenya delivering wonderfully joyful music sessions to around 4,000 children in total. It was a truly humbling and life changing experience that left everyone with a burning desire to do as much as they can to ensure MFK continues to make positive change in Kenya. It was while reflecting on how we could make this happen that the charity's next 2 projects were devised. In May 2018, MFK hope to invite a fantastic A Cappella choir 'The Melody Singers' to England for 10 days. During their time in the UK the choir will be involved in a wonderful period of cultural exchange, collaborative performance and some practical training in musical education so that when they return to Kenya, MFK will have a team of people with the necessary skills and knowledge to start spreading the joy of music around Kenya!

   The wonderful 'Melody Singers' from Nyeri, Kenya, mid song.

In summer 2018, musicians from the UK will be returning to Kenya to assist the Melody Singers in running the 1st ever 'Music For Kenya Summer Camp'! During an intensive 10 day course, around 150 Kenyan children will be invited to attend the summer camp, during which they will start learning a musical instrument. They will then have the opportunity to continue lessons with teachers from the Melody Singers throughout the rest of the year.

To make any of this happen, we need your help. 'Project Melody Singers' will cost around £15,000, with the proposed summer camp being an additional £10,000.

Please see our Current Fundraisers page to see what events we have coming up, or the Donate page if you would like to make a donation. Many thanks for your support!

Anna Brigham entertaining kids from Iten Primary School with some Scottish Country Dancing